FuzzQueen – Zenia I


Brand new from FuzzQueen, part one of XENIA is available now at Bandcamp, please pay for it if you can in the spirit of the album title and because the music has real value.

XENIA, from the Greek meaning :

Generosity shown to those who are far from home. Kindness to the stranger.

FuzzQueen’s timely debut EP weaves threads of fear of the other, isolation, and yearning for connection into a dramatic and compelling set of songs. Kicking off with an intro that touches on the futility of gun violence, through graceful sonic key changes, the EP launches forth into a vintage 70’s prayer for guidance from a lone traveler, a mythological story of estranged brothers, and finally the epic psychedelic finale, “Younger Men”, a look at disintegrating relationships through the lens of jaded aging and decades lost to war. The moments of hopeful and beautiful harmony gleaming through heavy topics that become more pressing each day, make Xenia an EP to visit again and again. The threads will be tied together in Xenia II, scheduled to be released in spring of 2017. 

I had a Q&A with FuzzQueen back in August ahead of the release of the bands debut EP,  if you missed it you can catch up here.

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