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The Paranoid Style – Rock & Roll Just Can’t Recall


Recently had a conversation with a friend about why I spend a inordinate amount of time listening to new music, must have spent 15 minutes waffling on with lots of intangible and untenable justifications when in fact it would have much easier to have just handed over a copy of this EP and left it at that because this five track release from The Paranoid Style makes the argument for me, visceral garage-power-pop that burns through the primary auditory cortex into the hippocampus and births multiple ear-worms.

On track two, New Age Tricks, vocalist Elizabeth Nelson sings “the explorers got it wrong there is nothing to discover”, in the context of this EP I’d say that’s a white-lie as whilst there’s nothing revolutionary on the EP the way it’s all put together is just perfect, the writing is acerbic and insightful, Elizabeth’s vocal diffuses out somewhere between Wendy Morgan, Helen King and Ludella Black and the band features backing from a number of indie luminaries including Bruce Bennett (A-Bones), Timothy Bracy (Mendoza Line) and Will Rigby (The dB’s).

The production was handled by Brian Paulson (Wilco, Superchunk) who’s done a fantastic job in pulling it together, whether the guitars are jangling over the top of the lyrics in classic indie-pop style or playing out as low driving 90’s riffs juxtaposing the pop-leaning vocal it all works brilliantly, the EP is five tracks long but will keep you entertained all day – I’d challenge you to resist not hitting the repeat button over and over. Powerful Pop.

No prizes for spotting the references, here’s my favourite from the EP, Bound To Be Vacant.

The Paranoid Style / Facebook / Twitter

Out on Battle Worldwide Recordings on March 2nd.


Vinyl Love – The Manhattan Love Suicides ” More Heat! More Panic! “

Leeds indie outfit The Manhattan Love Suicides resurfaced in 2013 and then played a few comeback shows last year – now the return is complete with the forthcoming release of the bands second second LP, More Heat! More Panic! and the promise of some new dates later this year.

The bands debut self titled album was vinyl only on its release in the UK and the band are keeping that traditional with a vinyl release on Oddbox and Squirrel but the vinyl pre-orders are rapidly dwindling so don’t delay, expect plenty of guitar driven melodic lo-fi fuzzy noise-pop, above and below are a pair of tracks from the album and you can check out the bands pedigree with the Spotify playlist further down.


Sound & Vision – Love L.U.V.

London garage-pop band Love L.U.V. have announced details of their debut EP ‘Come See Me’, set for digital release today. Recorded at Butcher Row Studios with Leaf Troup and mastered by Fran Ashcroft (The Pretty Things, Dandy Warhols), the six-track EP includes live favourites ‘Come See Me’ and ‘One And Only Friend’ as well as the previously unheard ‘Always On My Mind’.

Love L.U.V. / Facebook / Twitter

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