The Len Price 3 – Kentish Longtails

Kentish Longtails is the fifth album from Medway’s finest The Len Price 3,  the  follow-up to a Beat Surrender favorite from 2014 Nobody Knows  the record kicks off with a straight up punk-rocker Childish Words that takes aim at another Medway rocker and delivers its acerbic message with aplomb whilst at the same time ensuring the listener’s aural palette is suitably cleansed for what follows – a wonderful collection of songs that wears its influences loud and proud without ever sounding tired or nostalgic the band fashion all the best bits of their musical muses into an album that sounds both familiar and brand spanking new.

The album’s fourteen tracks are all top quality, it’s one of those rare recordings that has you changing your favourite track on each new listen, currently, I’m enjoying the more raucous tracks, the aforementioned album opener, Nothing I Want a  gloriously ragged two-fingered salute to middle England UKIPpers, Ride on Coat Tails with its Kinks riffs and raw vocals revealing a lineage back to 1964, then bringing us back to the present is a homage to a Poundland Valentine who’s off her “face on Diamond White”, Lisa Baker.

Nestling in-between my current favourites there are some rather nice quieter,  reflective and insightful moments, lovely melodies, a sprinkling of horns and harmonies come into the mix on Telegraph Hill , Pocketful of Watches and Meaningless Mouth tracks that offer a  lovely counterpoint to the songs that hit you straight between the ears, either side of these contrasts and completing the picture are more highlights tracks including Sucking The Life Out Of Me, Stop Start Lilly and Saturday Morning Picture Show.

Part of the album’s success is definitely in the track sequencing, the changes of style and pace are spot on and this is very much an album in the sense it takes you on a ride and there’s no getting off until the last stop, the final track Man In The Woods closes things out with wonderful cacophony of sound. This is not a fractured collection of deliberate singles with filler in-between, it’s a proper album and one you should get your hands on ASAP.

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Birds – Everything All At Once

Brooklyn psych band BIRDS will release their debut LP, Everything All At Once, on August 18th via Greenway Records. Available for pre-order on limited-edition splatter vinyl and cassette, it features a mangled, fuzzed-out mix of psych, pop, and straightforward rock ‘n’ roll that pairs catchy, ’60s-influenced hooks with the blown-out sounds of the ’90s.