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Festive 50 – Neko Case Live at BBC Maida Vale

Re-up by request – August 2014, appropriate day to post too.

NekoCase Live Maida Vale

Back in 2000 Neko Case and Her Boyfriends topped the Peel Festive 50 with their track Twist the Knife here’s a bootleg of that performance, the quality is not the best but still it’s a fine listen with tracks from the Furnace Room Lullaby album along with a great selection of covers including the Everly Brothers Bowling Green that appeared on The Virginian album, Bessie Griffin’s Lord Don’t Move the Mountain after which Loose (I assume it’s the same Loose) get a shout out, Aretha Franklin’s Runnin’ Out of Fools and Look for Me (I’ll Be Around) by Ketty Lester

Neko Case – Set Out Running

Neko Case – Bowling Green

Here’s the two tracks that start and end the session, you can get the whole thing Live At BBC Maida Vale.

Justin Townes Earle – Radio Songs

Re-up by request.

Justin Townes Earle – 1 – Ain’t Glad I’m Leaving

Justin Townes Earle – 2 – Who Am I To Say

Justin Townes Earle – 3 – Lone Pine

Justin Townes Earle – 4 – They Killed John Henry

Justin Townes Earle – 5 – Mama’s Eyes

Justin Townes Earle – 6 – I’m Leaving You This Lonesome Song

Justin Townes Earle – 7 – Down in the Valley

Justin Townes Earle – 8 – Lone Pine Hill

Justin Townes Earle – 9 – Hard Livin’

Justin Townes Earle – 10 – Who Am I to Say

Justin Townes Earle – 11 – I Don’t Care

Caitlin Rose “Live, covers and others”

Seems an appropriate time to put this up – to compare and contrast to the excellent new album The Stand-in

Caitlin Rose’s album Own Side featured in my top albums of 2010 and has been on regular rotation since it’s release, my only disappointment is it’s not available on vinyl unlike Caitlin’s previous releases Dead Flowers and Gorilla Man, this year I’ve listened to a number of radio shows, session tracks and audio-visuals featuring songs from Caitlin’s latest album as well some great covers including one from Townes and one from Willy, so in the spirit of the season I’ve put a selection box of tracks together into one sweet compilation for you – get the whole album or individual tracks below.

On this side of the water Caitlin has been a real hit and has gathered a lot of positive press and critical acclaim, quite an achievement for a act with twang in the UK, Caitlin’s album get’s released in North America in March, keep your eye out for it.

Caitlin Rose – Answer In One Of These Bottles (Daytrotter)

Caitlin Rose – Be Here to Love Me (feat. Caitlin Rose)

Caitlin Rose – For the Rabbits (Demo)

Caitlin Rose – Fourth Rate (feat. caitlin rose)

Caitlin Rose – I Don’t Trust Anybody (Flag Stone Summer Mix)

Caitlin Rose – Learning To Ride (BBC Session 25th August 2010)

Caitlin Rose – Own Side (BBC Another Country)

Caitlin Rose – Pretty Paper

Caitlin Rose – Shanghai Cigarettes (Laundro Matinee)

Caitlin Rose – Sinful Wishin’ Well (BBC Session 5th June 2010)

Caitlin Rose – Spare Me (BBC Another Country)

Caitlin Rose – Still Feelin Blue (Live)

Caitlin Rose – You Are My Sunshine

Caitlin Rose – Marie (Randy Newman)

Buy Caitlin @ Roughtrade , Amazon and iTunes


The Jam – Trans Global March 21, 1982, Bingley Hall

More from thirty years ago……….

The Jam – Trans Global
March 21, 1982, Bingley Hall

The Jam – Trans Global
March 21, 1982, Bingley Hall, Birmingham, UK

01. Strange Town
02. Carnation
03. Town Called Malice
04. Happy Together
05. Boy About Town
06. Ghosts
07. 5`o Clock Hero
08. That’s Entertainment
09. Tales From The Riverbank
10. Precious
11. Running On The Spot
12. Move On Up
13. In The Crowd
14. Private Hell
15. Pretty Green
16. Trans Global Express
17. The Gift
18. Circus
19. Pity Poor Alfie
20. Fever
21. Funeral Pyre
22. Butterfly Collector
23. When You’re Young

Trans Global

Patterson Hood – Heat Lightning Rumbles in the Distance – Live

How about a live version of Patterson Hood’s new solo album Heat Lightning Rumbles in the Distance, along with some commentary and insight into the songs from the man himself – with the exception of track 7 the recordings have being culled and condensed from this recording all credit and thanks to original tapers and uploaders.

Download the full album.

1 – 12-01
2 – Leaving Time
3 – Disappear
4 – Better Off Without
5 – (untold pretties)
6 – After the Damage
7 – Better Than The Truth
8 – Betty Ford
9 – Depression Era
10 – Heat Lightning Rumbles in the Distance
11 – Come Back Little Star
12 – 15 Days

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