The Hillbenders – Can You Hear Me

The Hillbenders are an established force on the US bluegrass circuit after winning the best band title at the 2009 Telluride Bluegrass Festival which in turn led to an invite to MerleFest, the band are now looking to spread their blend of newgrass/bluegrass across the pond and their second album Can You Hear Me? has recently being released in the UK and Europe, the band have signed up with UK roots specialists  Brookfield Knights and BloodyGreatPR and plans are afoot for the band to tour over here next year.

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Bradford Lee Folk & The Bluegrass Playboys – Somewhere Far Away

By day Bradford Lee Folk spends his time earning a living on a big vegetable growing organic farm outside the city of Nashville, in the evenings he spends his time alongside the The Bluegrass Playboys (Robert Trapp on banjo, Christian Sedelmyer on fiddle, David Goldenberg on mandolin and John Fabke on bass) in the bright lights playing and singing their own organic brand of bluegrass, on their debut release (a short album / or long EP if your prefer, 8 tracks and 30 minutes), Bradford’s vocal is clear and true with a high-lonesome edge that fits perfectly with the contemporary bluegrass Americana stylings of the album, classy roots music.

You can find out a lot more over at The Fader where Bradford recently gave an depth interview on his background and music.

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The Warren G. Hardings – Get A Life

Prompted by no mention of a Warren G. Harding in the band line-up I resorted to Google for more info and now my knowledge of American presidents is a little better as it appears the man in question was the 29th President (1921 – 1923).

Get A Life is the confident debut full length release from the Seattle five-piece band who’ve borrowed the former presidents moniker, the album is a very confident debut mixing traditional bluegrass stylings with contemporary lyrics the players serve up a fine collection of original material – aptly described as ‘Cascadian newgrass’, the playing is slick and sharp with the album mostly played out at breakneck pace with all members of the band shining on their chosen instruments, Dave Zelonka (Guitar), Gabriel Marowitz (Mandolin), Andrew Knapp (Bass), Steve Werner (Banjo) and Lee Callender (Fiddle), if you’re a fan a contemporary bluegrass you’ll love this.

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