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Nearly all of the posts made it over from the old Beat Surrender – which will remain live for while yet

Update, Free stuff, Amber Dust, Drew Kennedy

For the odd one or two who pay a frequent visit you will no doubt be dazzled by Beat Surrender’s blogger make-over, I’ve being playing around with the beta templates, not convinced it’s better or worse myself.

Have shifted all the links to the free albums and streams to a dedicated page which I’ve updated with a couple of albums today, the first is an original score recorded by the guys of Amber Dust for The Moon Under Glass, out of context it’s difficult to appreciate the album as a complete piece of work but there are some great individual tracks, including this one – Follow Me , according to the website they have another album in the works for release later this year, I’ve updated the links to their previous two albums – which are essential downloads, if you like them there’s are link to donate here.

The second album is a live set called Alone, But Not Lonely from Drew Kennedy whose album An Audio Guide to Cross Country Travel I posted about in Nov ’09, here

Thank You All

When I started blogging around a year ago I had no idea where it would lead or what to expect and it’s being a great experience for me.

So a big thank you to everyone who’s paid a visit by accident or design over the last year, to anyone who’s a posted a comment, sent me emails of support, recommendations and links, special thanks to my fellow bloggers for their support, for the links back to Beat Surrender and acknowledgements, and for all those involved in the mighty Bird List.

Big thanks to all the artists and labels for sending me so much great music to listen to and write about, thanks for the CD’s and downloads, thanks to anyone who’s submitted anything through Reviewshine and thanks for all those who taken the time to send messages of appreciation.

I’ve tried to follow up on everything I’ve been sent, but as the years progressed I have to admit it’s being hard to keep up – I had no idea what to expect, so to anyone who’s emailed and not got a response, my apologies, I done my best to follow up on the all everything I’ve received, if I’ve promised to take a listen or post something I will………………eventually, so thanks too for your patience too.

Seasons greetings to one and all, hope you’ll succumb to the Beat Surrender and pay us a visit in 2010.

Cheers, Simon

The Jam "Beat Surrender"

26th November ’82 was the release date of The Jam’s eighteenth and final UK single Beat Surrender, it had been previewed three weeks prior via a live performance on the premier edition of Channel 4’s “The Tube”, I inexplicably missed this and in the pre-net world of 1982 had to wait patiently until the single got it’s official release.

So I joined the Saturday morning queue at HMV to pick up my copy – the single was released in three formats, 7″, double 7″ and 12″ (although I cannot remember there being a 12″ available to buy at the time), I got the double gatefold 7″ version, B-Side was “Shopping” and the second disc was a trio of cover versions Stoned Out Of My Mind (The Chi-Lites) , War (Edwinn Starr) and my favourite of the trio Move On Up (Curtis Mayfield), all of the bonus tracks were a sure fire sign of Weller’s future direction and intentions.

The Jam’s final single release wasn’t a sure fire certainty, in the end it came down to a run off with A Solid Bond in Your Heart which was later to be released as a Style Council single in 1983, the original Jam version of the track finally got a release in 1992 on the Extra’s album. Beat Surrender needs no complex analysis and hold’s no  hidden meanings – the message is clear. Weller was 24 in 1982 when he called time on The Jam, given the band’s gravitas in Britain at that point, most commentators and fans were shocked at Weller’s decision to break up the band I was no exception, although stopped short of the consigning my Jam records and memorabilia to the incinerator like fellow fan David Lines.

18 consecutive top forty singles (in the days where you had to sell more than a 100 copies to chart), 15 singles in the Top 100 at once, 4 number one singles, 3 double A-sides, 2 best selling import singles of all time, 1 number one album, 0 reunion’s

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