Elle Mary & The Bad Men – Behave

Broody, moody, noirish and excellent, Behave is the new single from Elle Mary & The Bad Men, the Manchester bands debut album, Constant Unfailing Night, is set for release on the 20th of October

Elle says on the song: “So there’s little subtext in this, the lyrics speak for themselves. I have spent a long time being quiet and suppressing any anger even when it’s justified. I probably still don’t have the gall to tell anyone where to go, but this semi-passive approach was a good release. It’s tongue-in-cheek though, it’s what you’d love to say but wouldn’t. It’s meant to make you laugh at your own outrage but simultaneously give you strength.”

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Vinyl Love – Mattiel

In the good old days I’d regularly buy albums directly from labels and artists in the US, but the postal charges and VAT you can get hit with makes them a rare purchase of late, there are, of course, always exceptions to the rule and after listening to the debut album from singer-songwriter, ad-designer and illustrator Mattiel I couldn’t resist ordering a copy from Burger Records here’s a couple of favourites from the album.

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