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Sound & Vision – Curse of Lono, news on the vinyl + tour dates + film

Lots to tell you about Curse of Lono, if you’ve being following the blog posts recently you should already be familar with some material from the bands fortcoming EP, if you missed it, take a listen to four quality tracks now…..

CURSE OF LONO’s 4-track debut EP will be released on 12” vinyl and download by Submarine Cat Records on October the 14th as a prelude to the band’s debut full length release early in 2017.



I’m lucky enough to be in possession of the vinyl and highly recommend you get an order in now, or perhaps pick up a copy from the merch table at one of their upcoming gigs.


Last be not least, here’s the trailer for a upcoming mini-film by the band.

Curse of Lono / Facebook / Twitter

Michael Rank – Red Hand

Michael Rank makes continues his bid for the title of “hardest working Americana artist” with another wonderful album of original material, Red Hand is his sixth full length release in a little over four years on which he continues to roam the fertile land of  American roots music  this time “mapping sounds of the 1970s”.

Rank is again joined by Mount Moriah vocalist Heather McEntire who shares vocal duties 50:50 providing the perfect vocal counterpoint to Ranks world weary voice, there’s no credit to the band Stag on this album and it could be credited as a Rank & McEntire – but hey, maybe their saving that for the next release?

Highly recommended, start…..

to finish.

Michael Rank & Stag / Facebook / Twitter

The Handsome Family – Unseen

Unseen - 180G Green Vinyl

If there’s one Americana band who’s creative output fits the aesthetic of listening to music on vinyl, then surely it’s The Handsome Family? Rennie & Brett Sparks and their collaborators have being releasing quality albums steadily since 1984’s debut Odessa, the latest Unseen is their tenth studio album and another must have for connoisseurs of a sub-genres that one could file under Western Gothic or Country Noir, truth is of course these labels only sign-post the potential listener to what’s in store for them should they wish to delve deeper into the “intriguing surrealist lyricism which, explores the unseen stories, people and places of the American west”.

Following a familiar creative path Rennie provides the lyrics (plays banjo and autoharp), Brett the music, instrumentation and recording   at the Sparks home studio, – with assistance by collaborators David Gutierrez (mandolin & dobro), Alex MacMahon (guitar,baritone guitar & pedal steel) and Jason Toth (drums).

I’m sure there are those who’ll contest my opening statement but in order to do so you’re going to have to get hold Unseen on vinyl and try it out for yourself – the good folks at Loose will sort you out.

The Handsome Family / Facebook / Twitter


M. Lockwood Porter – How To Dream Again

A little over a year from the release of his album 27 Berkeley CA based singer-songwriter M. Lockwood Porter is back with another classy album of original material, the new album How To Dream Again feels as if it will translate well to an acoustic live performance, though the recording strikes a balance and doesn’t let go of all of the rock and pop elements of its predecessor but the songs definitely have a stronger troubadour feel to them soaking up the history and tradition of progressive folk and roots artists the album draws inspiration from contemporary writers including Chomsky and Klein to create a heady cocktail of social commentary, in a world of increasingly apolitical music M. Lockwood Porter has an affinity and understanding of the need for music to push past the anodyne. Highly Recommended.

“I can’t have a conversation with anyone my age right now without talking about things like inequality, gentrification, racial injustice, student debt, or climate change. I wanted to make a piece of art that captures this time, where daily life is political.”

The album is released in the UK on September the 16th through Hidden Trail Records

M.Lockwood Porter / Facebook / Twitter

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