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M. Lockwood Porter – 27


Really enjoyed the single release from this album that I posted about earlier in the year, I’ve had the album in my inbox for a while now should have posted something sooner, but better late then never I guess and the good news is the rest of the album is every bit as good as the single Chris Bell that caught my ear back in March. The album takes a meandering path through roots rock, drawing inspiration from country to blue-collar and much of the in-between hitting plenty of the sweet spots on it’s journey.

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Annie Keating – Make Believing (competition)

Brooklyn based singer-songwriter Annie Keating will release her latest album Make Believing in mid-January, as a fan of Annie’s own brand of Americana for a number of years I signed-up for the Pledge pre-order some time ago and have being enjoying the recording for a few weeks now and thought it time I shared a few thoughts about the release with you.

Make Believing is album number six for Annie who’s body of work has grown stronger with each release and the latest collection of eleven original songs showcases her ability to craft songs of depth and beauty with a timeless element that flow so easily into the sub-conscious, planting thoughts and feelings that stay with the listener – perhaps exemplified by the albums closing track and arguably best one If You Want To Fly .

Primarily an acoustic one the album was recorded at Atomic Sound a studio housed in a Fire House in Red Hook, Brooklyn located just a few miles away from Annie’s home. The larger part of the album was recorded over a long weekend with support from Trina Hamlin (harmonica, vocals & percussion), Chris Tarrow (guitars & pedal steel), Chris Benelli (drums) and Jason Mercer (bass & banjo), then completed with a short studio session featuring guests the Abrams Brothers adding some extra roots to the mix with mandolin / fiddle, and Matt Keating playing organ / piano on a trio of tracks to complete the album.

I have an extra copy of the album on CD in my possession that I’d like to give away to a lucky reader, for a chance to win drop up an email using this link and answer this question – name the iconic location featured in the albums cover artwork, will keep it open for a couple of weeks and mail out the winning entry selected at random and get it to you in time (hopefully) for Christmas – competition only open to UK / Europe entries – apologies to the ROW.

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