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Rita Hosking – Frankie and the No-Go Road

Rita Hosking - 'Frankie and the No-Go Road' - cover (300dpi)

Frankie and the No−Go Road is the sixth album from California singer-writer Rita Hosking and the pinnacle of her recorded output to date, the recording is a delightful collection of songs of graced by the artists expressive voice and enlightened writing, so much music gets labelled Americana these days and much of it fails to get to the heart and soul of the genre in my opinion – this album is one of the exceptions

“In college, an Eastern Religions professor was drawing a dream I had on the board for the class, interpreting it as he went along. At one point, he called me ‘the hero’. I protested −I certainly didn’t feel like one in the dream, or at all. He spun around, looked me square in the eye and said ‘we are all living our own hero’s journey.’ It was one of those pivotal moments where the human puzzle began to make a little bit of sense.”

The No Go Road

I See Storms

Got my timing all wrong on posting something about this album and Rita is in the middle of a UK tour at the moment, you can still catch a show at the following venues.

Tues 24 Plymouth The B-Bar

Weds 25 Brighton The Greys

Thurs 26 London KPH, Ladbroke Grove

Fri 27 Whitstable The Royal Native Oyster Stores

Sat 28 Hunton, Kent Village Hall

Rita Hosking (2015, photo by Sean Feder)

Rita Hosking / Facebook / Twitter


Joey Kneiser – The Wildness

“These songs are a love letter to rock and roll and to the person closest to you who lets you pursue it” says Joey Kneiser of his new album The Wildness, both the notion and the sentiment run true, it’s a honest album of little pretence that shuns the need to find any kind of niche.

There’s a certain reverence in the songs and music on this album and more than a little magic; with the artist seemingly having drawn  a deep breathe, held and savoured the moment then exhaled something new, but familiar and comforting.

“The concept for the video stems from the idea that everything worth doing in life requires you to give up something in return,” Kneiser says. “In the video I give up a part of me to find something I lost along the way.”

Rock ‘n’ roll can, it seems, save your soul.


Joey Kneiser / Facebook / Twitter

Dana Immanuel – Dotted Lines

Lately I’ve being drifting away from the music you could broadly describe as Americana, not that I’ve fell out with the genre as such, more looking to refresh the musical palette so I’m guilty of skipping over a lot of music that that has arrived in the Beat Surrender mailboxes over the last few months, reading the opening paragraph on a recent PR for Dana Immanuel’s new album Dotted Lines peaked my interest and I’m glad I put this album on the recent playlist rota, you can currently listen to the whole album at Soundcloud – give it a go and keep a look out for more new material as Dana will shortly be recording an album with the Stolen Band, for release in 2016.

Dana Immanuel is a banjo-toting, whiskey-drinking, poker-playing singer-songwriter currently operating from a north London hideout from which emerges a sound more usually associated with the bayou, triple filtered through bourbon, washboard, and a touch of alt-country eccentricity.

Oct 27 – Dotted Lines album launch party @ Monarch, Camden, London
Nov4 – Folk Rising @ Cecil Sharp House, London
Nov14 – Canteen, Bristol
Nov 15 – Convent, Stroud (and streamed online)
Nov 28 – New Crown Inn, Merthyr Tydfil
Nov29 – Velvet Violin @ Presteigne Assembly Rooms, Presteigne
Dec 9 – Folkroom @ the Harrison, Kings Cross, London
Jan 10 – the Lock Tavern, Camden, London
Jan 16 – the Gladstone, Borough, London
Apr 1-17 – UK & Europe tour – TBC
June 22-26 – Glastonbury Festival
Jul 15-16 – Once Upon a Time in the West Festival
Aug 11-14 – Boomtown Festival

Dana Immanuel / Facebook / Twitter


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