Introducing……….. The County Liners

Loving this first taste of slacker-americana from The County Liners, looking forward to their fortcoming debut EP that’s out in November on Wharf Cat Records

The County Liners started in Mary Jane Dunphe and Chris McDonnell’s country home in Olympia, WA in the winter of 2016. Longtime friends and collaborators, Chris and Mary Jane began writing 80’s/90’s inspired country tunes when Mary Jane found herself bedridden with a debilitating ankle injury. Adding to the starkly naked approach of the record, the group reinvisioned lyrics from McDonnell’s mother, Virginia Maurer, for the single “Love Letter.” Riley Kendig, also living with Dunphe and McDonnell, Mirce Popovic joined the band to help arrange and perform the deeply personal songs for this five song EP. Recorded and mixed by Captain Tripps Ballsington, The County Liners debut is nothing short of heartbreaking.