The Victor Mourning “A Handful of Locusts” (Backwoods Modern Recordings 2010)

The Victor Mourning-A Handful of Locusts

Logically roots music must have a tether to it’s origins, The Victor Mourning have a mind set and song set both seemingly chained to that past, the music, the imagery and the writing are intrinsically set in another time, their dark brand of earthy folk or “hillbilly noir” as they prefer is both forthright and compelling, focus is drawn to the lyrics that are moodily supported by the acoustic instrumentation, guitar – Stephen Lee Canner, fiddle – Stefan Keydel and Guitjo – Lynne Adele.

The Victor Mourning – Fire Fire


Speed of the Sound of Loneliness

So what in the world’s come over you,
And what in heaven’s name have you done,

You’ve broken the speed of the sound of loneliness,

You’re out there running just to be on the run

Love this track, written by the great John Prine it first appeared on his 1986 album German Afternoons, by this time Prine had being recognised as a great songsmith and had already earned the “next Dylan” tag – not the first or the last to get this accolade.

Arguably the most well known version is Nanci Griffiths’ from her Other Voices Other Rooms album released in ’93 but not the definite cover version as Jeffery Foucault has recorded a stellar version of the the song on his John Prine tribute album Shoot the Moon Right Between the Eyes, to me he nails the song with this version, Alabama 3 also do a mean cover of the track, a version of which appears on their Last Exile from Coldharbour Lane album and again in acoustic form on the Last Train to Mashville Volume 2 (my favourite Alabama 3 album), last but not least a version from Kasey Chamber’s and family, The Dead Ringer Band

New York – New York

Keeping on the New York theme from the previous post I’ve trawled the Beat Surrender music vaults and come up with an eclectic Big Apple mix
Chris is touring in the UK in May, check out the dates here
Featuring pedal steel and harmony vocals from the Drive-by Truckers John Neff
Lovely track from the Canadian indie-folk chanteuse first album “Orchestra for the Moon”
Great track from Dream Syndicates Steve Wynn and Green on Red’s Dan Stuart, taken from their second Danny & Dusty album “Cast Iron Soul”
This track from his first album Magpie, apparantly he loved New York so much he recorded his follow up album there.
Rock-Indie-Country, so says the bands myspace, make your own mind up
Charlyn’s breathy vocal gives a “classic” Sinatra track a makeover
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