Love ‘ll Kill Ya

An alternate Valentine selection box on offer today, kicking of with a couple of tracks from The Handsome Family, purveyors of some wonderful macabre americana, the tracks appear are taken from their In The Air album released in 2000, followed by a pair of great tracks from the now defunct alt-country band Hazeldine, former band member Tonya Lamm is now a member of Tres Chicas and Anne Tkach now plays and sings with indie acoustic band Rough Shop , they released four albums, How Bees Fly, Digging You Up, Doubleback and an album of covers Orphans, if you only get one, then Digging You Up would be my choice, the tracks here are lifted from this album. A favourite album of mine from 08 was Lake Bottom by the Chapin Sisters, featuring some wonderful harmonies, although they’re probably better known for their cover of Britney Spears hit Toxic, from Britney to Kylie – found here aiding and abetting Nick Cave on a track from his Murder Ballads album, finally a cracking tune from the wonderful Amy LaVere, here performed on Later – Live in 2008

Emily Weedon and Delta

I’ve had an eMusic account for some time now and use it in the main for discovering new music or maybe following up on a review I’ve read, sometimes the 30 second samples don’t catch my ear but when they grab my attention it has resulted in some great “finds”, most recently a couple of EP’s from a Canadian songstress from Toronto, Emily Weedon & Delta

I got the downloads from eMusic & the CD EP “All Out In the Open” from Indiepool, without wanting to stick labels on it’s a rounded mixture of twang & alt-country, contemporary but with a nod to the past – Canadiana? it’s has five well written, original tracks with a light production keeping Emily’s sweet vocal to the fore, it’s pure country, a splash of Emmylou with a hint of Dolly and Elizabeth Cook.

The title track from the All Out In The Open track is available below along with Come On Up from the Black Crowe EP, the tracks appear with the artists blessing.

The EP’s are available through eMusic and iTunes and the CD by following the link on the website, or you can check out some more tunes on Myspace

In The City

I recently read Paulo Hewitt’s biography of Paul Weller, they were the best of mates for a number of years then had a fall out, so the book does have an edge to it and worth getting hold of if you’re a fan. The opening chapter is logically called In The City, it’s one of the songs I cherish most from Wellers time with The Jam, the title track of the first album and debut single that sparked a run of 18 consecutive hit singles for the band, in essence it’s just a straight up rock and roll record, a song about youth, no complex lyrics, no pretence.

I ‘d not listened to track for a while until I read a review of an album by Haymaker on Americana UK which included a cover version of In the City, I resisted the quick fix of playing the mp3 and dug out my vinyl for a trip down nostalgia lane.

Intrigued by the cover version I downloaded it from iTunes – I’ve mellowed somewhat, I must have, a few years ago I would not have considered downloading something like this, a bluegrass take on In the City, sacrilege, I won’t rave about it but it’s actually not that bad – given my love of the original it wasn’t easy to type that.

I wonder what Weller thinks about, he’s never being adverse to doing a few cover versions , including an album full of them – Studio 150