If you are interested in sending any material to Beat Surrender then please get in touch via the link below – digital files are fine but streams are not ideal as I often need to take the music on a road trip with me due to time constraints so you may get skipped over, Dropbox links are encouraged and if you can only do embeds then Soundcloud is preferred, though albums and EP’s are preferable I’m a sucker for a single too and if you want to go old-school email for the correspondence address for CD, vinyl and DVD submissions. One-sheets / bio’s with all material are encouraged and please ensure any mp3 files are tagged and named, if you don’t want something posting please say so or i’ll assume use of a sample mp3 is okay – if you see something that shouldn’t be here drop us a line and tell us what and why.

Apologies in advance if you don’t always recieve a personal response to correspondence and please be patient, this is a one man operation and it’s not always possible alongside juggling a home life and trying to make a living to react and listen to everything received ,and as much as I’d like to spend all day listening and watching to all the submissions it’s not possible to feature, review or comment on everything received, time is our enemy and even though you may not get a review there maybe a track or video post, details of live events, a shout out on Twitter or a repost on Soundcloud.

Links to tracks and mp3’s posted are intended for promotional purposes only, if you like what you hear put your hand in your pocket and support the artists, buy the CD’s, wear the t-shirt, get yourself to the gigs. If you’re the artist or represent the artist and object to any of the content email me and I’ll remove the offending link, any comments, requests or feedback then follow the link below.

All of the links to the right for blogs, organisations, labels and shops  come personally recommended, support and buy from, they are not here to promote traffic to the site they’re here because I like them so I’d encourage you to  checkout any you’re not familiar with.

Beat Surrender is a strictly non-commercial operation, no money is made (only spent), the reward is a constant fix of new music to feed the bloggers voracious and eclectic music habit.

Get in touch

Please don’t leave comments / contact info below : use the email link

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