Vinyl Love – Flowers – Fortuna POP!

May have mentioned it before, but really going to miss Fortuna POP! Sean has put out some wonderful records, here’s another from Flowers – “Say 123” b/w “Rhodes”

Flowers / Fortuna POP!  Singles Club


London trio Flowers return with a new single via Fortuna POP!, the last to be released on the label, singer Rachel Kenedy’s ethereal vocals and Sam Ayres textured guitar are, as always, backed by the powerful, metronomic beat of drummer Jordan Hockley. Rachel told us a little bit about the genesis of the recordings:

“Sean from Fortuna POP! is sadly moving on to greener pastures in Japan and ending the label, but he asked us to do one last single for him, as we owed one for his Jukebox 45s Singles Club. We don’t know where we’ll end up next after Fortuna POP!, so rather than looking forwards for this single we decided to be nostalgic and do something that, for us at least, is classic. For the three of us in the band, “Flowers” has always meant our live performances and our home demos, of which Sam and I have produced hundreds and hundreds (we write them every day), and most of which will probably never be heard by anyone except us, our dog and our long-suffering neighbours. “Say 123” is one of these home recordings. The best bit is at the end.

The b-side, “Rhodes”, was recorded at Big Jelly Studios, where we’d gone to record an EP. We realised after recording the songs we’d brought with us that we’d made a mistake, as the songs weren’t quite right or ready yet. But while we were there, we fell in love with the sound of the Fender Rhodes in the corner of the studio. With about half an hour left before the van arrived to take us back to London, Sam quickly played me some chords on guitar and hummed a melody for a verse. I got out a pencil and paper and somehow by the time all our gear was loaded into the van we’d written and recorded this song (we did it live and used one take).

In keeping with the old-school Flowers theme for this single, we decided to hand-stamp the artwork onto each sleeve and vinyl label. We used to hand-make all of our artwork, making paper sleeves for CDs we burned on our laptop with random selections of home-demos on.

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