Sound & Vision – Co-Pilgrim

Luxuriant first single taken from the new Co-pilgrim LP “Moon Lagoon” that’s due for release on Farm Music in June and available to pre-order now including a rather nice Deluxe blue vinyl gatefold LP version that comes with a bonus “Co-vers” album.

The video was conceived and created by Finnish visual artist Jussi Virkkumaa:
“It could be the material left to cutting room floor from the movie ‘Burning Love’ and instructional video about how to avoid housefire when using broken videoprojector?
Because I don’t really know what Cylindrical fire-escapes means in this context other than a wish of someone not suffering from love and trying to offer a quick solution which I think would be falling in love again, I wanted to create a kind of visualizer for that. There are those firetruck- or policecar emergency lights rolling.
It’s also about of rhythm and shape, based on Hans Richter’s old dadaist/avant-garde movie named Rhythmus 21.
So maybe in one sentence: It´s an experimental visual homemade lovestory. “

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