Neil McSweeny – A Coat Worth Wearing

A Coat Worth Wearing is the fourth release from singer-songwriter Neil McSweeney, the album marks a new approach and a departure from his previous work that I’m personally familiar with, including his second release Shoreline which was one of my early purchases from, the then emerging, Bandcamp platform in 2009.

The album was produced by Andy Bell with whom McSweeney collaborated on his more recent EP and album releases and is the second release for Hudson Records, the songs were recorded together, largely in full-band live-takes at a studio deep in the Welsh countryside.

Given the recording location the songs have a more industrial feel to them then one would expect, a steel and resonance creating a mood that shrouds the lyrics giving them a sharper bladed edge; it’s a record Jason Molina may have made had he come from Sheffield and one that’s both affecting and rewarding to the listener – highly recommend it.

Neil McSweeney / Facebook / Twitter / Buy the vinyl at Hudson Records

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