Joey Kneiser – The Wildness

“These songs are a love letter to rock and roll and to the person closest to you who lets you pursue it” says Joey Kneiser of his new album The Wildness, both the notion and the sentiment run true, it’s a honest album of little pretence that shuns the need to find any kind of niche.

There’s a certain reverence in the songs and music on this album and more than a little magic; with the artist seemingly having drawn  a deep breathe, held and savoured the moment then exhaled something new, but familiar and comforting.

“The concept for the video stems from the idea that everything worth doing in life requires you to give up something in return,” Kneiser says. “In the video I give up a part of me to find something I lost along the way.”

Rock ‘n’ roll can, it seems, save your soul.


Joey Kneiser / Facebook / Twitter

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