FAREWELL TRANSMISSION – The Music of Jason Molina

Jason Molina

Really looking forward to hearing this album, a tribute to the late Jason Molina who died tragically at the age of 39 on this date last year, leaving behind a powerful recording legacy from both his Songs:Ohia and Magnolia Electric Co. work, revered by his peers it’s no surprise to see such a quality line-up of artists making contributions to the album which will be released on the 22nd of April through non-profit label Rock the Cause , proceeds from the sale of the album will be split between MusiCares a charity that supports artists dealing with addiction, depression and other health issues and Jason’s family. It’s amazing when you speak to fans of Molina’s music how deeply it resonates, here’s a personal take from April of Common Folk Music. My favourite Molina track is on the album and you can listen to Leave This City  via the widget below. The album will also feature a new song Arm in Arm recorded by Jason’s former bandmates under the Memorial Electric Company moniker plus a previously unrecorded track called Trouble in Mind (Fade to Blue).

Full track-listing.
Disc 1:
01 Squares: “Get Out Get Out Get Out”
02 Memorial Electric Co: “Arm In Arm”
03 My Morning Jacket: “Farewell Transmission”
04 Enemy Planes: “Lioness”
05 Murder By Death: “7th Street Wonderland”
06 Sarah Jaffe: “Alone With The Owl”
07 Jonah Tolchin: “Old Black Hen”
08 Ben Lubeck of Farewell Milwaukee: “Leave This City”
09 The Black Swans: “Two Blue Lights”
10 Bro Stephen: “Almost Was Good Enough” [ft. Jim James]
11 Box Of Baby Birds: “Didn’t It Rain”
12 Cory Branan: “Memphis Moon”
13 Gabriel Douglas: “The Dark Don’t Hide It” [ft. Drew Preiner]
14 Fathom Lane: “I’ve Been Riding With The Ghost”
Disc 2:
01 Memorial Electric Co: “Trouble In Mind (Fade To Blue)”
02 Matt Bauer and Heather McEntire: “I Can Not Have Seen the Light”
03 Will Johnson and Briton Biesenherz: “34 Blues”
04 Jim and Jennie & The Pinetops: “Hammer Down”
05 Water Liars: “Just Be Simple”
06 Catherine Irwin: “Steve Albini’s Blues”
07 Nathan Salsburg & Joan Shelley: “White Sulfur”
08 Wooden Wand: “Don’t This Look Like the Dark”
09 Luke Redfield: “Hear My Heart Final”
10 Viking Moses: “Lioness”
11 Bottomless Pit: “The Big Game Is Every Night”
12 Communist Daughter: “Hold on Magnolia”
13 Jonny James and The Hall of Fames: “John Henry Split My Heart”

Can I also recommend the Wave Pictures tribute album, and these two previous posts on Beat Surrender Live Radio K (Rider.Shadow.Wolf) and Remembering Jason Molina.

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