Paul McClure – Smiling From The Floor Up


Smiling From The Floor Up is the debut solo release from Rutland based singer-songwriter Paul McClure, set for release March 3rd on Clubhouse Records, the former frontman of The Hi and Lo enlisted the help of label mates Alex and Hannah Elton- Wall (The Redlands Palomino Company) and Joe Bennett (The Dreaming Spires) for the album which was recorded and produced at Leicester’s Tiny Studios.

Employing minimal overdubs a back-to-basics approach was taken by McClure where the songs were played ‘live’ a few times and one of the takes made the final cut for the album, the methodology employed perfectly representing the essence of McClure’s songs, songs borne of experience and deeply personal are exposed by the pared back recording and revealed free of pretence – there’s no hiding from the catharsis and introspection the performances convey.

In his own words.

“This album is a collection of songs recorded without the trappings of a band or orchestra, lightly textured layers with occasional touches of colour here and there; a harmony here, a piano there, a sympathetic slide guitar draped across the shoulders of another,” explains McClure. “I didn’t want anything to dilute the effect of the song in its most honest, most vulnerable form. Nothing to hide behind or run from.”

“These songs didn’t write themselves, as they sometimes seem to do, but I did want them to speak for themselves. These songs are all very personal, there’s no fiction here, even if I occasionally had to hide the truth in a made up name or a fantasy; (changing the names to protect the innocent in some cases, the guilty don’t deserve to be named in others.) These stories are moments from my life and though it can seem hard to accept sometimes, I don’t regret a single one; at the very least I got a song out of it.”

Paul McClure – Long Gone Out of Here


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