My Darling Clementine. Share the love, spread the heartache.

Update from the Pledge campaign for the upcoming My Darling Clementine album The Reconciliation, get behind it.


It was not intended to be the first single, in fact it was not intended there would even be a single right now, but it only seemed right and fitting to mark the sad passing of the magnificent George Jones. A man who, both as a singer, and songwriter, was such a huge influence on me. The music and legacy of George and Tammy was very much the template for Lou and I when we began My Darling Clementine.

2 years ago I read George’s amazing biography, “I Lived To Tell It All” (it makes Keith Richards biog seems like Enid Blyton). There were so many great lines in the book, I started jotting a few down. The end result was this song…. “The Gospel According To George’ .

My Darling Clementine

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