Remembering Jason Molina

The world lost an artist of rare talent on Saturday gone, a tortured soul who could not run or hide from his own darkness but through his words and music gave strength to many to deal with their own demons – may he rest in peace.

We Have Signal: Magnolia Electric Co. from We Have Signal on Vimeo.

Don’t cry now, cause you’re so much better off
You’re none of what you were, but you’re everything you lost
And whatever you got back after that, is worth whatever it cost

Human hearts and pain should never be separate,
They wouldn’t tear themselves apart both trying to fit

The whole place is dark,
Every light on this side of the town
Suddenly it all went down,
Now we’ll all be brothers of the fossil fire of the sun
Now we will all be sisters of the fossil blood of the moon

I have to work hard to suffer alone,
I have to work hard to be so alone
Don’t like half of who I’ve been,
But I’ve kept my promises to all of them

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