Caitlin Rose “Live, covers and others”

Seems an appropriate time to put this up – to compare and contrast to the excellent new album The Stand-in

Caitlin Rose’s album Own Side featured in my top albums of 2010 and has been on regular rotation since it’s release, my only disappointment is it’s not available on vinyl unlike Caitlin’s previous releases Dead Flowers and Gorilla Man, this year I’ve listened to a number of radio shows, session tracks and audio-visuals featuring songs from Caitlin’s latest album as well some great covers including one from Townes and one from Willy, so in the spirit of the season I’ve put a selection box of tracks together into one sweet compilation for you – get the whole album or individual tracks below.

On this side of the water Caitlin has been a real hit and has gathered a lot of positive press and critical acclaim, quite an achievement for a act with twang in the UK, Caitlin’s album get’s released in North America in March, keep your eye out for it.

Caitlin Rose – Answer In One Of These Bottles (Daytrotter)

Caitlin Rose – Be Here to Love Me (feat. Caitlin Rose)

Caitlin Rose – For the Rabbits (Demo)

Caitlin Rose – Fourth Rate (feat. caitlin rose)

Caitlin Rose – I Don’t Trust Anybody (Flag Stone Summer Mix)

Caitlin Rose – Learning To Ride (BBC Session 25th August 2010)

Caitlin Rose – Own Side (BBC Another Country)

Caitlin Rose – Pretty Paper

Caitlin Rose – Shanghai Cigarettes (Laundro Matinee)

Caitlin Rose – Sinful Wishin’ Well (BBC Session 5th June 2010)

Caitlin Rose – Spare Me (BBC Another Country)

Caitlin Rose – Still Feelin Blue (Live)

Caitlin Rose – You Are My Sunshine

Caitlin Rose – Marie (Randy Newman)

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