Thee Faction – Singing Down the Government

Listeners of a nervous political disposition look away now.

My rather trite introduction is not designed to de-mean or undermine the message of this album, more to emphasis the fact this album does not hide behind oblique lyrics and imagery, it stands loud and proud preaching it’s forthright manifesto from the left of the political spectrum, there’s no need to interpret or pontificate on it’s message and precisely because of that it allows the albums musical merits not to be lost on the listener.

The album is assembled as twelve short spoken word Points that act as thought provokers and bridges to twelve tracks that are the core of the album. Imagine a hybrid of early-doors Weller, Billy Bragg and the late great Lee Brilleaux fronting a band with the Feelgood’s rhythm section and the The Asbury Dukes horn section tearing up in a freeform rhythm ‘n’ blues, soul-punk, wall-of-sound style – short sharp shocks of music with the Points in-between a pause for breath and thought, then forget that descriptive as there’s a little rap thrown into the mix and then the title track reaches the ears to further dilute that descriptive, before the album spirals into a glorious cacophony of musical noise and wrenched singing at track eleven before getting back to the Socialist Rhythm ‘n’ Blues to close out – whether you empathise with the message and ethos of the band or not – there’s no denying this is a seriously good album.

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