Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer – Seed of a Pine

Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer – ‘Seed Of A Pine’

Self released in the UK on November 12th Seed of a Pine is a fine collection of songs written separately but recorded together by two artists new to my ears Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer, their individual styles and vocals are both distinct but combine seamlessly to create a well-rounded collection of tracks, they are supported on the recording by two musicians I do know well and whose music has featured a few times on Beat Surrender over the last year, J.T. Nero and Allison Russell.

Driven by the artists different approaches the album meanders stylistically through its eleven tracks and keeps the listener interested, intrigued and anticipating the next direction or musical flourish, full of colour, mother nature and lovely harmonies it’s clever engaging stuff and a collection that can only really be filed under the blanket genre of Americana.

There’s a tour lined up in the UK next spring, we’ll keep you posted on the dates and venues.

Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer – Western Sky

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