Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou – La Ferme De Fontenaille

The old-adage if you want something doing right, do it yourself is exactly what you get with the new album from Trevor Moss and Hannah-Lou – indie as a genre may mean may different things to different folk but often the tag is more of a general descriptive or a label of convenience for PR, but sometimes albums come along that rise above the label and are true to the ethic – this album is one of those and the result is a fine collection of songs lovingly created.

In April 2012 Hannah-Lou and Trevor travelled in their trusty British Leyland camper van along with guitars, their favourite microphones and a 4-track cassette recorder they made their way over the channel to France and on to Pay De La Loire and their studio of choice La Ferme De Fontenaille  a stone built former cow-shed in the shadow of a crumbling Chateau, over ten days the tape rolled, the wine flowed, ambiance and local culture was absorbed and the album was created –  the resulting ten tracks clock in at an thrifty thirty five minutes with no filler and will have you reaching for the repeat button, recorded live and uninterrupted using a Tascam 246 4-track cassette machine the analogue tapes were then brought back to England for the final mix and transfer to CD for your listening pleasure.

La Ferme De Fontenaille is the third album as a duo released by Husband and wife Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou, the first one a self-titled release came out on one of Beat Surrender’s favourite independent UK labels Loose Music, the second Quality First, Last & Forever! was released on Heavenly Records in 2011 and a year later sees the arrival of the third in three years, which see the duo handling all of the elements, writing, playing, recording, production and putting the album out into the big wide world on their  very own label the Anglophone Recording Company you can pre-order and get your hands on a limited edition DVD if you’re quick, after that it will be it’ll will be available in independent record stores.

The album gets its official release on Nov 5th and the album launch party is on the 26th of October at The Betsey Trotwood in London.

You can get your hands on a sampler of the album by taking a peek here.

Fancy a live show then here’s the upcoming dates, click to buy tickets.


In case you missed it, here they are covering The Boss for Clubhouse Records Nebraska Sessions.

And the wonderful “11 Nights Under Tin”

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