Beat Surrender – Hypem – Spotify

Thanks to the folks at Hypem you can now get at the tracks featured on Beat Surrender in a playlist format on Spotify – well at least the tracks that are in the Spotify catalogue – here’s the link for you if you’re a fan of Spotify and Beat Surrender you can bypass my waffle and get straight at the music.

Hypem have made a change so that UK based browsers are now pointed at a dedicated UK home page when clicking the link on the left hand side of the blog, interestingly they are struggling to get a chart working, though I’m not sure whether that’s purely down to numbers in terms of the total blogs in the UK, the diversity or other factors – regional or otherwise, then again who takes any notice of charts these days?

“the UK blogs we monitor write about such a diverse body of music that there are no clear chart winners (not even Carly!). As a result, there is no UK chart for now, and instead we are thinking about how to best represent this diversity of music taste on the web. It’s something that’s hard to digest for traditional music industry types (but who is #1??? who is it???), but I am really excited by the lack of groupthink”

Hype Machine – Beat Surrender

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