Anna Coogan & Daniele Fiaschi – The Nowhere, Rome Sessions


I very much enjoyed Anna Coogan’s album The Wasted Ocean released last year and she’s back with another winner collaborating with Daniele Fiaschi on The Nowhere, Rome Sessions that scheduled for a release in the UK on September 3rd, the pair will be touring Ireland and the UK in support of the album from September.

On the surface the collaboration is one that seems unlikely, a US opera singer biologist from New England and a guitar slinging Roman weaned on classic rock who has played and toured with some of Italy’s major pop acts, “We really have to work by feel, nuance, and mood, because words aren’t going to cut it” Coogan said of the joint project, the pair recorded the albums studio tracks at the Nowhere Studios in Rome on April 6 and 7 2012 during Holy Week, the album is a made up of six of their popular tracks and a trio of unreleased cuts – a favourite track from The Wasted Ocean appears on this release, though this time as a live-cut.

Check the details on the latest tour dates here.

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