Band of Holy Joy – The North is Another Land

In the world of music buying the convenience and instant fix of the mp3 or m4a has taken over, I’m no big critic of the digital track or album they are my constant companions but my restless heart often demands more than the simple company of my digital friends. I prefer my fix to be delivered in a more tactile manner, visually and with a sense of anticipation (you know like the good old days!) which given Band of Holy Joy were responsible for my favourite album of 2011 was heightened on hearing they had a new project out this spring. I say project because there’s a little more at play with The North Is Another Land  than just the music,  now I’m going to spoil it for you a little and remove some of the surprises so if you don’t want to know what buying the band’s CD gets you (like me), then look away now.

The album itself comprises of songs sourced from a radio play performed on Resonance and a live performance at the Star & Shadow Newcastle-on-Tyne, the CD is delivered in it’s own airmail packet, eight tracks, five with words, three without, eight postcards, five with words, three without, the aural delights of the music combined with the wonderful artwork and packaging ensuring that my music junkie cravings were quenched.

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