Sons of Bill – Sirens

Sirens - Sons of Bill

Seems so long ago since I backed Sons of Bill’s Kickstarter campaign for their third studio album Sirens, my CD turned up a couple of weeks ago and has been at the top of my music playlist of late, I loved the the bands last album (even though it got me into trouble with Blogger last time) and Sirens is every bit as good.

Santa Ana Winds by sonsofbill

The lead track Santa Ana Winds released as a teaser track some time ago has quickly established itself as a mainstay of any playlist I concoct, in fact my only ‘complaint’ about the album is the band didn’t end the album with an acoustic or tempered version of the track – check out the audio visuals below and tell me I’m wrong – the good news thanks to the fine folks at Music Fog you can get the ‘missing’ track.



In-between – well that’s just a fine, invest – essential listening.


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