Pharis & Jason Romero – A Passing Glimpse

Not sure I like the phrase old-timey to describe the music of Pharis & Jason Romero, timeless works better for me as there is an undoubted purity and authenticity permeating the music on their album A Passing Glimpse, embellishments are neither used or necessary on this album – indeed Jason Romero notes in the CD liner notes “No picks or synthetic heads were used on these banjo’s” referring to the instruments he fashions, builds and plays on the album.

The combination of banjo, guitar and vocals employed by the British Columbia based husband and wife team works perfectly on this their debut release as a couple, the vocal duties are shared and shine brightest where they harmonise whether on their original recordings or the covers and traditional tunes that make up this fifteen track album, in the world of faux authenticity we inhabit these days their music is a beacon of beautiful simplicity akin to the benchmark of Welch and Rawlings.

Where Is The Gamblin’ Man—Pharis & Jason Romero by hearth_music


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