No Surrender

We’re back, well I’m back, having taken six weeks or so away from blogging has given me a chance to reflect and take stock, when I starting Beat Surrender it was a vehicle for me to share my love of music with no defined boundaries or a particular slant – then as the music started to flow into my inbox and mailbox I ended up going with the flow and drifted towards new releases and news content and the blog’s original mission or more accurately it’s inspiration (for that see the blogroll) got diluted in an ever growing ‘to do’ list.

Juggling home life, work, the blog and other interests made for a busy schedule, things got a little too regimented for my liking, it all began to feel a bit forced and during the later part of 2011 at times it felt like a chore – I’m of course not ungrateful in anyway to the artists, PR folk and labels for sharing music with Beat Surrender I hope they’ll still will.

Over the last few weeks I have been both flattered and genuinely surprised at the messages of support and the kind comments that have come my way, it has made me take a step back and put things into perspective, so to everyone who mailed and tweeted a big thank you as it was your ego massaging that made me think again and decide to get back online, but this time with my hands firmly on the wheel , more slow time Mondays than days of speed.

PS. having read this back a couple of times it does sound rather melodramatic and self-important, but I’ll not edit.

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3 Replies to “No Surrender”

  1. I missed seeing your blog posts — but I’ve gotta say you’ve been running a great Twitter feed, too. (Even if it’s harder to keep up with the scroll rate, ha.)

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