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I spent an hour or two last night trawling through the WWW trying to catch up on what a few favourite bands I’d not heard any news on in a while and lo-and-behold I find out The Barker Band are getting around to releasing a new album that they’ve being working on for sometime now – not on a Guns N Roses / Gilliam Welch timescale I should add, but it’s must be two years ago when it was first mentioned – anyway the goods news is according to a recent Facebook post the new record is due out in November and in the interim there are a few tracks to sample and one to download from Bandcamp.

For those not familiar with the band, Dig Me A Hole will be the bands fifth release, twin brothers Sam (banjo, mandolin) and Jake (banjo, mandolin) Barker along with life long friend Laurie Sherman started the London bluegrass-country band before the line-up evolved and expanded to the current seven-piece line-up with members Nella Johnson (vocals), Lenny Barker (guitar, vocals), Tom Wright (bass, vocals) and Ru Shreeve (drums).

The bands first album was a limited self-titled self-released CD back on 2004, it’s now out of print – maybe if you’re lucky a copy will pop up on eBay?  in common with the first album the next two Lonesome Waltz (2006) and The Night Ain’t Over (2007) featured lead-vocals from the twins Sam and Jake before with the fourth album, Sorry for the Kissing there was a swerve in the bands sound that was accompanied by Nella taking up the mantle of lead vocalist.

All four of the albums are golden and I’d heartily recommend them, I am really looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of the new album (that’s a less than subtle hint if there are any PR types reading this.)

From Sorry for the Kissing

Live acoustic set for Steve Lamaq at Camden Crawl 09

Station Session July 2011

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