Daniel Romano – Sleep Beneath the Willow (You’ve Changed Records 2011)


I didn’t make the connection immediately but after reading a short bio on Daniel Romano it clicked where I’d heard the name before, he was one third of the acoustic folk Daniel, Fred and Julie who released an album back in 2009 that collected a lot of positive reviews on net, I never got around to getting that album but collected a pair of mp3’s that had got lost and forgotten in my digital library – I aim to remedy this when my eMusic account tops up next month, along with checking out Romano’s solo debut.

I digress a little because I’m supposed to be telling you a little about Mr. Romano and his solo album Sleep Beneath the Willow, released on You’ve Changed Records which he co-runs with Steven Lambke the album was recorded to two inch tape in Romano’s home studio in Ontaria, the man himself plays most of the instruments on the album as well as handling production and engineering – so it’s a real labour of love and that’s reflected in the music a vinyl friendly 11 track 40 minute album it’s a retro-country troubadour styled treat that’s a real pleasure to listen to, definite shades of Gram Parsons on the album which can never be a bad thing as well as some sweet harmonising provided Misha Bower, Lisa Bozikovic and Tamara Lindeman.

Daniel Romano – Lost (For As Long As I Live)


Buy CD and Vinyl here

Bonus, from the debut disc Workin’ For the Music Man.

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