Matt Woods – The Matt Woods Manifesto

Matt Woods Manifesto

If all party political manifesto’s were written in the direct style of Matt Woods there’s more than a fair chance we’d trust them rather than dismiss the dross within – in the knowledge they rarely deliver on their promises, unlike the erstwhile Mr Woods who’s straight-up no nonsense “country” album is delivered in an honest-to-goodness manner that’s impossible not to admire and trust in.

The Knoxville, TN based singer-songwriter has been active on the local music scene since the turn of the century, with other projects fading Woods followed his instincts to create his own manifesto, so put two fingers up (or one if you prefer the Johnny Cash method) to country gloss and polish and embrace the real Matt Woods manifesto, from the rollicking opener Days of Walking you know you’re on to a winner and the album doesn’t disappoint.

Matt Woods – A Company Town

Matt Woods – Port St. Lucie

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