Mr Plow “Joyful in Song Are We” (Pink Box Records)

Mr Plow-Joyful In Song Are We

Mr Plow’s CD release party is on 20th June at The Musician in Leicester and you’re all invited to celebrate the release of Joyful in Song Are We, the Leicester based band cannot be excused of lacking humour, their name for start – a quick read of their bio and a skip through the track titles and you may be making assumptions about what’s on offer here – but all is not quite like it first appears, the band may not be taking themselves too seriously and their are no plans for an assault on the charts, but the music is what matters and in a world where pretence, gloss and hype often prevail musical treats are still to be uncovered and this album is a little nugget.

Boom-chicka-boom and Johnny Cash riffs are celebrated in this very British take on Americana or as the band like to pigeonhole their sound “gospel-surf-country-murder ballad-skiffle-folk-blues sort of genre”, the band have already secured some national radio play after earning a slot on Mark Lamarrs (sadly now defunct) God’s Own Jukebox show on Radio 2 as well some excellent reviews in a couple of my favourite journals, R2 and Maverick, for something that’s a little bit different go get yourself a copy of the album, the first two hundred CD copies of the album will also receive a nine-track live album ‘The Bahadur Singh Memorial Concert’  recorded earlier in 2011.

Mr Plow – Hallelujah Hare Krishna


Pinkbox Records



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