Two Cow Garage “Sweet Saint Me” (Suburban Home Records 2010)

Columbus, OH rockers Two Cow Garage new release Sweet Saint Me is out on Suburban Home next week, their fifth and undeniably best album to date it pulls together full on alt-country rockers, cow punk shout outs and acoustic anthems.

This is one of those albums that grabs you from track one and demands you turn the volume up to the max for the ride – kicking of with Sally, I’ve Been Shot a classic mix of driving guitars and rolling drums delivered full on with edgy bourbon drenched vocals by front man front man Micah Schnabel, aside from the storming opener I love the acoustic number Jackson, Don’t Worry and what must be a real treat live Soundtrack to My Summer.

Available to pre-order with an immediate download its available on CD and limited edition vinyl with various deluxe packages at Suburban Home.

Two Cow Garage – Jackson, Don’t You Worry

Two Cow Garage – Sally, I’ve been Shot

I’d also recommend Micah’s solo album When the Stage Lights Go Dim, check out these tracks from the album that also appeared on the fantastic Suburban Home mixtape series that’s available in full here.

Micah Schnabel – American Static

Micah Schnabel – Stage Lights

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