Shadwick Wilde “Unforgivable Things” (Self Release 2010)

I’ve played hardcore punk since I was 16. then I grew up, and it turns out life really does suck as bad as we said it did, way back when. so I drank and drank until I almost died. but I didn’t die. so I wrote some songs”

Unforgivable Things

Shadwick Wilde’s brief and to the point career so far summary sets the tone for his debut solo release, a guitarist with punk bands the Brassknuckle Boys and Iron Cross for this solo outing the music may have shifted a long way stylistically but the essence of punk remains, the album has a dark potency, thirteen tracks of heart on your sleeve troubadour Americana, tales of loss and regret, heartache and disappointment, girls and bikes – delivered without pretence Wilde deals with the demons head on, what was it Emmylou said “one thing they don’t tell you about the blues when you got ’em, is you keep on falling ‘cause there aint no bottom”? Well there is hope here – but you’ll need to listen close and dig deep for the redemptive moments.

Shadwick Wilde – Broken Record

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