Jon Langford & Skull Orchard “Old Devils” (Bloodshot 2010)

If the No Depression community had it’s own Hall of Fame I’d be shouting from the rooftops for one particular nominee from these shores to be in the inaugural honours list that would be Jon Langford ,there’s no doubt in my mind that the former drummer and guitarist with punk band The Mekons is more than deserving of greater recognition.

With The Mekons Langford released an distinctly British indie cow-punk album Fear & Whiskey (Pitchfork , Popmatters, eMusic ) that is still as vital as it was on release back in ’85, after upping sticks and leaving the UK  to relocate in Chicago in ’92 Langford became a founder member of The Waco Brothers and mainstay of The Pine Valley Cosmonauts with numerous other collaborations and album guest appearances with fellow musicians including The Sadies, John Hiatt and Alejandro Escovedo, his wonderful art, a radio show and visual arts performances you’d be forgiven for thinking there was more than one Jon Langford.

His latest musical project is released on Bloodshot later this month, teaming up with fellow Waco Brothers stalwarts Alan Doughty (bass) and Joe Camarillo (drums) along with Jim Elkington (guitar) – collectively Skull Orchard (the name borrowed from Langford’s début solo album from 1998) the album Old Devils features 12 original tunes that leave no doubt that Langford’s a master at the mix and match of punk ethos, indie sensibilities and roots thematics, a really engaging album that refuses to be categorised and stands as another original piece of art from the prolific Mr Langford.

For those of us with functioning turntables the added the good news is in addition to the CD release the album gets a limited edition vinyl issue, this will include two extra tracks, bonus artwork (you know it’s going to be good) and a download of the album too of course.

UK Pre-order at Roughtrade

Jon Langford Bloodshot Store

Jon Langford & Skull Orchard – Getting Used to Uselessness

(Courtesy of Bloodshoot Records)

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