Caitlin Rose @ The BBC

Own Side Now Louise Haywood-Schiefer

Caitlin Rose has been gathering some thoroughly deserved good press in the UK ahead of her first full length album due in August, it’s an album I’m really looking forward, here’s a taster in the form of a couple of session tracks that Caitlin recorded for Ricky Ross Another Country show back in April,  the session was recorded in Nashville with Ross putting the questions to Caitlin from Scotland – unable to get over the water because of the infamous Icelandic volcano and resulting ash cloud.

Both the Dead Flowers EP (still available on 10″ vinyl at Roughtrade and the Gorilla Man 7″ have become firm favourites and the tracks I’ve heard so far from the new album are sounding great.

Interview Part 1

Spare Me

Interview Part 3

Own Side

More Caitlin Rose @ Daytrotter

Get a free download from the new album in exchange for your email address at Names Records

Pre-order album @ Roughtrade and bag yourself a bonus disc

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