Cadillac Sky "Letters in the Deep" (Dualtone 2010)

Letters in the Deep is Cadillac Sky’s latest album and is on general release on June 8th, if this is what get when you take five talented multi-instrumental vocalists with a bluegrass background and put them in a studio with an indie blues rock multi-instrumentalist / producer who tells the band to embrace the here and now and “let the songs be what they are going to be”, then I for one want more as the result is an honest to goodness organic concoction of transcendental music to rival the recent releases from The Avett Brothers and Mumford and Sons.

Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys has taken the Nashville based quintet Cadillac Sky and given them the direction to take their music to another level, all the tracks on the album were recorded “live” in the studio to maintain an honesty and authenticity  – playing it straight with single mic harmonising and minimal overdubs, the resultant album is one that sits astride the genres and forces you to embrace the whole piece of work without the need to label it one thing or another – quite simply we need more music like this, the album is unapologetic it just does it’s thing, you think you’ve got a handle on it – then it throws up a something out of left-field, on a more traditional note the 17 track release includes five short instrumentals interspersed across the album.

This is the band’s third full length album and marks a real step up and away from the sound of their previous release, not that Gravity’s our Enemy is mediocre – anything but, it’s just that Letters in the Deep is so different at times you could be mistaken for thinking you were listening to the same band, the quintet are Bryan Simpson (mandolin/guitar/violin), David Mayfield (guitars/mandolin), Matt Menefee (banjo/piano/drums), Andy Moritz (bass/percussion/piano) and Ross Holmes (fiddle/violin/guitar/mandolin/percussion).

Fellow blogger and DJ, Nelson @ A Fifty Cent Lighter had an exclusive with the band back in April and wrote a nice piece with an accompanying audio segment, check it out here.  The band are touring and appearing extensively at festivals throughout the summer in the US, would be good to see them over this of the water too – there’s a good deal on at Dualtone for a CD/Vinyl/T-shirt Box-set, if you’re in the UK / Europe the postage cost’s are fair too. Listen to Hangman and Pitiful Waltz from the album through the Reverbnation widget

File under Essential Listening.

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