Kingsley Flood “Dust Windows”

I’m trying to nail why I like this album, on first listen I didn’t “get it“, but was intrigued enough to go for round two immediately, then three and four, it’s kind of addictive – the way it jumps around mixing up the styles maybe, the sharp sometimes off-kilter lyrics perhaps, whatever it is this Boston five-piece have produced a cracker of a début, Americana is difficult to tie down – elusive, elemental, eclectic and this album is all of them which is I believe it’s underlying strength and charm.

The band are Nick Balkin (bass / vocals), Will Davies (drums, percussion, vocals), George Hall (guitars / vocals), Naseem Khuri ( vocals, rhythm guitar and keys), Jenee Morgan (fiddle, mandolin, percussion and vocals) and Chris Barrett (trumpet, xylophone, melodica, triangle and kazoo)

Here’s a trio of tracks from the band to convince you, but really this an album that needs to be listened to as a complete package, turned up loud.

Kingsley Flood – Cathedral Walls
Kingsley Flood – Cul-de-Sac
Kingsley Flood – Roll the Dice



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  1. Thanks for this; I would have missed it if it hadn't been for your post. This is really top notch stuff.

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