Old Californio – Westering Again

I’m a little late to the party with this one as the album was released back in the first half of 2009 – but hey good music has no sell by date. It’s themes and style are evident from the title and band name (if you’re prone to make assumptions like me) and a brief look at the track-list reinforces what you may expect,  “Warmth of The Sun“, “Lazy Old St Gabriels“, “California Goodness” plenty of clues in the geography and imagery to work on, no need at this point to to read the press release, so straight in the CD player it goes.

For once my assumption is on target, an amalgam of West Coast rock with a heavy Cosmic American flavouring deftly blended together by the band – Rich Dembowski (singer/guitarist), Justin Smith (drums), Jason Chesney (bassist), Woody Aplanalp (guitar) Levi Nunez (keys). The guys got together to record in a old chicken coop fashioned into a recording studio in Pasadena CA and with help from their friends including Dave Gleason (guitar), Debra Tala (accordion) and Slim Zwerling (trumpet) they’ve produced a gem of an album with more than enough warmth and California ambience to lift the chill from the winter weather and turn your thoughts to summer’s pleasures.

The band wear their influences load and proud but keep ahead of the game with solid writing, great instrumentation and enough changes of pace and subtle style shifts to keep the album rolling along nicely, my favourites – with a healthy dose of mariachi trumpet Riparian High and the wonderful Lazy Old San Gabriels.

The CD packaging is unique to each purchase as its screen printed individually by the band and self released on their label Californio Records, you can get yourself a copy at @ CD Baby

More info on the band here and at LastFM
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