There’s no such thing as a free lunch……

……….well there’s a help yourself buffet of tunes available on the interweb these days, trouble is separating the mediocre from the the quality, may I recommend Amber Dust

The Boat was one of the tracks I played most during 2008, was hooked from the opening 10 seconds, just drew me in, hook, line and sinker. Purveyors of quality music like this deserve a larger audience, technology has allowed artists to make so much available to so many, that often the best gets overlooked in the mêlée , I ‘m looking forward to the album they are currently working as much as any “formal” release this year.

One of my favourite releases from last year was the bands EP Good Things / Bad Timing, you can get your copy here, it’s free, gratis, sweet fanny adam, well okay technically you’re paying for the bytes and bits you’re downloading………unless of course you have a generous employer 🙂

Don’t stop there, make sure you get the previous release too Without Windows.

Got it yet, listened to Sunset Comes, what do you think, for the record it’s one of my favourite tracks of the last few years and features on any kind of CD sampler I do for friends and colleagues who don’t know the pleasures of americana, the track is pure gold, just love the way the frail opening gets your attention and the keyboard and guitar kicks in……………..

The download’s include artwork and lyrics, get your copy while stocks last.
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